The “rules” of the art


We are ardent defenders of our regional identity, founded upon traditional regional varietals:

Chasselas (35%)
Pinot Noir (50%)
Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Savagnin Blanc (15%)

We Trust Mother Nature

The oenologist is neither alchemist nor magician.

We know that in the end, the quality of our wines is 70% dependent on the grapes we grow in our vineyards. Once the grapes are harvested, we prefer to take a minimalist approach to the fermentation, allowing the fruit to release its innate potential without unnecessary intervention or additives.

We grow the healthiest, most well-balanced grapes possible, using proven techniques such as increasing the sun exposure of the leaf canopy, maintaining a mature average vine age.

(>30 years old), and implementing a practice of “reasonable intervention” (with regard to PI, Vinatura, Vitiswiss). We take a “hands off” approach and allow our wines to express themselves  and their terroir, naturally.

From A to Z

We are “vignerons-encaveurs”: vine-growers and winemakers

Our technical expertise and vertical integration from vine to cellar enable us to apply our wine-making philosophy from beginning to end.

Although it is legal to blend or top up our wines with wine purchased from other properties, we choose not to, in order to preserve the authenticity and identity of our wines.

We control the entire production process, from grapevine to bottle. We believe that the quality of our wines is directly attributable to the thought and attention we give to every aspect of the winemaking process.

Domaine de La Maison Carrée · Jean-Denis, Christine & Alexandre Perrochet

Grand’Rue 33 · CH-2012 Auvernier · T +41 32 731 21 06 · F +41 32 731 21 26 · info@lamaisoncarree.ch