A Bit of History

The Perrochet family has called Auvernier home since long before the age of government record-keeping. In fact, Auvernier’s parish records show the Perrochet family as far back as the16th century. History shows that a majority of the population supported itself with vineyards and fishing in the region until the mid-twentieth century. In those days, the magnificent sloping landscape that envelopes the village was entirely covered with vines, right up to the Lac de Neuchâtel.

Prior to Jean-Jaques Perrochet’s (1769-1833) purchase of the Maison Carrée in 1827, the wines were housed in older and less well-adapted buildings nearby, and the winery went by the name “Claude et Jean-Jaques Perrochet Frères.” Jean-Jaques was succeeded by his descendants: Alphonse (1797-1853), James-Alphonse (1844-1918), Alphonse-James (1886-1973), and Jean-Jaques (1927), in partnership since 1991 with his son Jean-Denis (1961). In 2008, Jean-Denis and his wife, Christine, took the reins at the domaine, joined in 2015 by their son, Alexandre.

While our predecessors had to settle for a very empirical understanding of the art of winemaking, we have the advantage of a vast body of scientific research to draw upon, as we continuously strive toward greater understanding. Our cumulative experience and scientific knowledge work in tandem in our very precise approach to winemaking today. Our attention to  biology, whose importance from the vineyard all the way to the bottle of wine is paramount, allows us to proudly continue family tradition, using vertical wine presses and aging our wines in oak casks.


Domaine de La Maison Carrée · Jean-Denis, Christine & Alexandre Perrochet

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